And, of course, it looks really cool too.

We recently took a look at an awesome, life-sized replica of The Legend of Zelda’s Master Sword. Gorgeous as it may be to look at, though, you might be having trouble justifying buying a sword, and may instead be limiting your purchases to more practical items. Is there still a way to reconcile this policy with your Zelda fandom?

Yes. Yes there is.

Nintendo has announced an entire line of new merch for Tears of the Kingdom, the most recent installment in the Zelda franchise, and many of them serve some sort of function beyond just looking cool. For example, this Zonai Wing Rug, modeled after the ancient machinery components found in the game, will help keep your hardwood floors from getting scuffed.

▼ Depending on how absorbent the blended-fiber fabric is, you might even be able to use it as a bathmat.

Headed out to do some shopping? Don’t forget to take this Korok buddy with you.

Sure, he’s in the same perpetually overpacked state as the woodland creatures who regularly require your help to get from Point A to Point B in Tears of the Kingdom, but this particular Korok’s backpack folds out to reveal…

…that’s is actually a holder for an eco bag!

▼ As sentient plants, the Koroks, naturally, would like you to be eco-friendly.

If you want a Korok pack for storing other things, there’s also a Traveling Korok Mini Pouch.

And if you need something with a shoulder strap, the Bomb Flower Bag, modeled after Tears of the Kingdom’s volatile collectible resource, should do the trick.

▼ Thankfully, unlike in the game, this Bomb Flower doesn’t explode when heated.

That’s not to say there’s no room for purely aesthetic items in the collection, as proven by these real-life versions of Princess Zelda’s in-game earrings.

Prices for the above items range from 2,035 yen (US$13.30) for the earrings to 2,530 for the Bomb Flower Bag, 3,795 for each of the Korok pouches, and 8,580 for the Zonai Wing rug. The entire lineup is available now at the Nintendo Tokyo, Nintendo Osaka, and Nintendo Kyoto stores, as well as through the Nintendo online store here, as are other items including Hudson Construction Company sign keychains and a Geoglyph shirt and stickers.

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