Yukata and other summertime fun gear is on its way to the Pokémon Center.

Kimono have an interesting place in the Japanese fashion world. Yes, they have a deep connection to Japan’s traditional culture, but, at the same time, kimono are still worn today, so there’s room for modern designers to play around with new styles and motifs.

That’s especially true for yukata, the lighter type of kimono worn in the summer, particularly at Japan’s summer festivals. A while back we took a look at a line of Sanrio summer kimono, and now it’s Pokémon’s turn to show what it can do as a yukata inspiration!

No fewer than five Pocket Monster species are featured in the pattern, with Vulpix, Poliwag, Treecko, Ogerpon, and Tadbulb enjoying some festival fun (Tadbulb is a particularly appropriate choice, since the Electric-type Pokémon looks an awful lot like the spherical paper lanterns that light up Japanese festival venues at night). They’re surrounded by popular festival food stall treats like shaved ice and candied apples, the round, water-filled yo-yos sold at festivals, and an uchiwa non-folding paper fan. The illustrations sit atop a pattern of morning glories and fireworks, beautiful sights of midsummer mornings and nights, respectively.

The Pokémon festival yukata, which comes bundled with an obi (sash) for 15,400 yen (US$96), is part of a new line of Japanese-style summertime leisure and fashion items going on sale at the Pokémon Center megastores. Since kimono don’t have pockets, there’s also a katate-toshi bag (3,080 yen), a traditional style of handbag used with kimono.

The pattern also shows up on one of two eyeglass cases (1,980 yen) that can be clipped to your bag…

…and if you’re doing your hair up in a classical Japanese style, this Ogerpon kanzashi hairpin (3,300 yen), with a dangling Teal Mask charm, should help keep everything in place.

If you’re looking for more accessorizing options, there’s a wide range of earrings (1,210 yen) too, which work just as well with Japanese or Western-style clothing.

Speaking of Western-clothing, there are two different hats (3,300 and 2,750 yen) to keep the harsh midday summer sun off your face…

…plus a cross-body bag (3,080 yen)…

…and a pair of scrunchies (1,320 yen).

Or, alternatively, if your plans for summer involve spending as much time as possible inside your air-conditioned home, there’s a bit of tableware, with bowls (2,860 yen) and glasses (1,430 yen) perfect for cool, refreshing beverages, shaved ice, or chilled noodles…

…as well as teacups (1,650 yen) and small mamezara plates (3,300 yen per set of four).

The entire collection goes on sale July 6 at Pokémon Center branches across Japan, as well as through the chain’s online store.

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Source, images: Pokémon Center
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