As the temperatures climb, there’s just one team of glamorous superheroines who can save us from the summer heat. Moon Crystal Power Dress Up!

With the recent heatwave still simmering our skin (and our schools), we’ve turned to all manner of methods to beat the heat. From topsy-turvy popsicles to salt tablets and cooling pads, Japan is constantly on the cutting edge of chill technology. But back in the day, though, there was a more traditional way to keep things cool: your mode of dress!

We’ve been excited since the announcement for the beautiful Sailor Moon collaboration line by kimono maker Kyoto Marubeni, featuring rustic patterns in Sailor Senshi jewel tones. Now it’s summertime, and it’s the perfect time to show off that light, breathable cotton and head out to watch some fireworks! First in the line-up is the relatively affordable yukata set, featuring six different designs of yukata. Each set, retailing at 18,144 yen including tax (US$160) comes with the yukata itself and a gorgeous embroidered obi sash.

▼ Here is the Jupiter print, fresh and crisp in springtime greens and pinks.

▼ Each yukata comes with a complementary obi featuring an embroidered image of Luna the cat.

▼ The Mercury and Mars yukata prints provide a lovely contrast in vermillion and aqua

▼ Venus’ yukata features an attractive lavender and periwinkle color scheme

▼ And since she’s the star of the show, Sailor Moon also gets a second yukata pattern.

If you’re willing to splash out some extra cash, the following more mature prints might be up your alley. With designs from Silver Crystal (in pink or yellow ) to Uranus and Neptune to Five Sailor Scouts (deep blue or monochrome) to Moon Castle (pink or off-white) you’re destined to find a pattern that fits your pretty guardian needs. Each of these yukata comes on its own without a sash, and costs 41,040 yen.

Don’t worry, though – matching half-width sashes can be purchased to the tune of 16,200 yen and they come in stylish color pairs of red/black, yellow/purple, light blue/wine and pink/white.

If you’re hesitant about dropping a cool 57,000 yen on one outfit, there’s about always the more economical option to stave off the summer: a simple, elegant hand fan. The fans cost 4,104 yen each and sport the luxurious prints seen in the individual yukata sets for each Sailor Scout.

While the yukata are listed as “large free size”, the measurements themselves are more stringent: the kimono spans about 165 centimetres (64.9 inches), meaning the manufacturers recommend it for fashionistas between the height of 155-170cms (61 to 69 inches). Sadly, this would mean almost all of the Sailor Scouts themselves would be out of luck at their relative sizes… But maybe Tuxedo Mask might be able to just about fit into one if he really needed to cool down.

Source: Kyoto Marubeni, Wafukan Ichi
Top image: Wakufan Ichi
Insert images: Wafukan Ichi (1, 2, 3,)

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