Mother ordered to pay US$950,000 after bicycle-riding son collides with elderly woman

On 4 July, Kobe District Court ruled against the 40-year-old single mother of a 15-year-old boy after his bike struck an elderly woman while he was riding too fast down a hill.

Judge Tomoko Tanaka ordered that the mother pay a total of 95 million yen (US$950,000) because she “provided insufficient guidance to the child that may have prevented this accident.”

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Cage Match! Honda Fit vs. Volkswagen Jetta

The Honda Fit, known as the Honda Jazz in Europe, is a subcompact that has been around since 2001. The second generation of the vehicle debuted in 2007, at, you guessed it, the Tokyo Motor Show. The Jetta by Volkswagen, currently in its sixth generation, has been around a little longer, debuting at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1979. Since the Fit first appeared on the scene back at the beginning of the millennium, the question on the collective mind of auto industry has been, “What would happen if these two met head on? Well, Chinese scientists Sunday drivers have finally provided us with the definitive answer.

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Japanese man dies in car accident, Cause of death: not the car accident

On the morning of 5 June, along a highway in Makubetsu, Hokkaido, a car swerved off the road and crashed through a tree before stopping on the sidewalk. The 87-year-old driver of the car was taken to hospital but sadly died soon after.

However, the actual accident wasn’t what killed him and the official cause of death had nothing to do with his age at all. In fact, the reason he died was something you may have done yourself while driving.

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Chinese Motorists Undergoing Extreme Lucky Streak

Recently in China motorists have been walking away from accidents which would normally prove fatal. In the following two videos we will see a person riding a scooter get broadsided by a car and a huge pole crash through the windshield and into the driver’s seat of a bus. In each incidence of freakish luck both drivers appear visibly shaken neither looked seriously injured.

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Chinese Man Dies as Pavement Disappears Beneath His Feet 【Video】

You know that phrase people sometimes use in times of great embarrassment when they wish they could disappear or the ground would just swallow them up? It turns out it’s not so great when that actually happens in real life.

Caught on camera from several angles, footage of an incident that occurred in Guangdong, China this week shows a wide stretch of pavement collapse in on itself at the precise moment a pedestrian was walking by. With no hint of warning, the ground beneath the man’s feet him suddenly disappears, swallowing him up and leaving nothing but an enormous gaping hole.

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10 Yen Coin Takes Out Entire Shinkansen Train, Passengers Evacuated and Delayed

JR Central may want to consider banning the use of 10 yen coins from their mighty Shinkansen bullet trains due to the potential hazards they pose.

On 12 March a 400-meter, 715-tonne shinkansen train capable of 300 km/h speeds was pulled off duty because of a single 2.4-centimeter 10 yen coin.

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Outrage as Locals Ignore Casualties in Favour of Spilled Freight After Crash

In the early hours of Monday morning this week, a truck scattered its nine-ton load of fresh fish across the surface of the road after crashing and flipping over on a freeway in China. As word spread of the terrible accident, droves of people quickly arrived on the scene, causing further traffic jams and making the situation yet more perilous as they descended on the cargo, armed with plastic bags or various sizes.

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Chinese Student’s Bicycle Seat Breaks and… Gyah!

On 21 February, reports of a loud “Phfffft” sound were heard around the world. Experts traced the source of this sound back to the anal sphincters of millions of Chinese netizens simultaneously shuddering upon hearing this tale of a bike ride gone terribly, terribly wrong.

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Yamanote Line Accident Horrifies Tokyo’s Commuters

At approximately 3:30 p.m. yesterday, all trains on Japan Rail’s Yamanote line came to a sudden halt. The words jinshin jiko could be heard echoing through stations across Tokyo as announcements rang out explaining that service on the Yamanote line had been suspended and that other routes may suffer delays as a result.

Jinshin jiko literally means “human body accident”, and is a vague phrase used to communicate that someone may have been injured or killed as a result of a traffic accident. Very often, however, it means that someone has thrown themselves in front of a train.

Sadly, this is far from an unusual occurrence, and, as horrendous a sight it must be for anyone to witness, people have become used to hearing of these “accidents” on Tokyo’s train lines. However, photographs uploaded to Twitter by Japanese commuters yesterday have left many speechless and evoke feelings of pity for the driver of the train in particular, who will undoubtedly be left emotionally scarred by the incident.

The following images do not contain scenes of blood and gore, but some readers may find them disturbing.

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Shopping Mall Horror as Enormous Shop-Front Fish Tank Explodes

Anyone who caught the dire experiment in 3-D cinema that was 1983’s Jaws 3 will know that sharks busting through aquarium glass is never a good thing. So spare a thought for the 15 people who, during a visit to a shopping mall on Tuesday last week, found themselves running to escape giant shards of glass, gallons of water and, bizarrely, sharks.

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Chinese Man Injects Pressurized Air into Anus While Cleaning Pants

We all know those high pressure air pumps that can be found at gas stations or in factories, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to stick that hose in your rear and let her rip?

Me neither.

Nevertheless, for those with a morbid curiosity, a factory worker in China was cleaning his pants with an industrial strength air pump when a slip of the wrist sent highly pressurized air rushing up his rump.  Amazingly, the 26 year-old survived to give a detailed account of his ordeal.

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Trick-or-Treat: Deadly Pumpkin Falls From Sky and Crashes Through Car Window, None Injured

From pumpkin flavored ice cream to sweet pumpkin dumplings, I seem to be writing quite often about pumpkins recently, which I guess is not too surprising considering that we are about 3 weeks away from Halloween. Well, this too, is a story about a pumpkin, but is completely unrelated to Halloween. In this case, the pumpkin turned into a potentially deadly “trick” instead of a “treat”. Read More

Horror Hotel: Man Impales Self on Shower

Think about the worst experience you ever had in a hotel.  Perhaps you found a cockroach or the water pressure was really bad.  Whatever it was, this harrowing experience of a man staying in a hotel in Jinhua, China is sure to trump it.

The following story is a bizarre and grisly accident that left even the emergency workers on the scene visibly shaken.

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In Kyoto, a tragic and fatal incident unfolded involving an unlicensed driver who ran their car into a crowd of people consisting of elementary school children and a pregnant woman.  It’s one of those horrible accidents that bring out the deepest hurt, shock and anger in all of us.

So it’s no surprise to hear people lash out at whomever or whatever is responsible but an especially scathing commentary has sprung from a surprising source.  Tajima Emergency & Critical Care Medical Center (TECCMC) who had sent an air ambulance to the accident scene, released an uncharacteristically harsh attack not on the driver of the vehicle but on the mass media outlets for their intrusive reporting on the premises in an article titled; Do people in the media have hearts?

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