Awaji Island

Why not celebrate your graduation with a cool boat trip to the world’s biggest tidal whirlpools?

Embark on a new stage of life with a symbolic boat journey!

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New dinosaur fossil discovered on Awaji Island, named after Japanese god

Well, new to us at least.

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New Hello theater restaurant blends music, dancing, and food for a fun family outing

The dreamy Hello Kitty Show Box in Hyogo Prefecture celebrates the world’s beloved Sanrio mascot. 

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The UFO catcher that will make you laugh and cry – the Onion Crane Game!

UFO catchers, or crane games, are a common sight at game arcades not just in Japan, but in various parts of the world as well. We’re sure you’ve come across the typical kind of machine loaded with soft toys, anime figurines or snacks, or even the occasional rare prize of live pufferfish.

It goes without saying that the more valuable the prize is, the more difficult it would be to get a drop. Sometimes it takes so many tries to get even close to winning something, and when you just miss by that tiny bit, it really makes you want to cry. There is one special machine, however, that will really make you cry, especially if you manage to catch one of the prizes! Check out this one of a kind Tamanegi UFO Catcher!

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Can Earthquakes be Predicted? Forecasts Based on Atmospheric Ions prove Correct in Awaji Island Quake

On April 13, 33 people on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture were injured in a magnitude-6.3 earthquake. Japan is fairly accustomed to earthquakes, but the talking point surrounding this one if the fact that the time and place of the sizable tremor seem to have been predicted in advance. Read More