Kyoto Animation arson attack leads Japanese government to develop stricter gas sale regulations

New law would require documentation of the sort of purchase arsonist made prior to attack.

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Kyoto Animation arson attack prompts call for stricter gas sale regulations in Kyoto

Gasoline-accelerated mass homicide has policy makers reevaluating current safety regulations.

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Hokkaido Earthquake Day 5: Our Hokkaido-based reporter shares his experiences in an affected area

Modern conveniences are returning to parts of Hokkaido, but there’s still much to be done.

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Old gas stations in Japan are being converted into ramen restaurants

Japanese noodle lovers are divided over the new phenomenon.

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According to reports by the Chinese media, a gas station in the eastern province of Jiangsu has been identified as the source of heavily-diluted fuel that has caused numerous vehicle breakdowns in the area.

A number of cars in the city of Nantong suffered engine trouble just minutes after their tanks were filled at a Sinopec stand (owned by the China Petrolium and Chemical Corporation), with each car later found to have water in its fuel tank.

It wasn’t long before mechanics and motorists alike began to notice a pattern between the sudden engine failures and visits to the Sinopec stand.

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