Immigration officials raid cosplay event in Malaysia, arrest four foreign cosplayers

Event organizers say government organization told them foreigners wouldn’t need special visas, arresting officers disagree.

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Immigration raid at anime convention ends with five Japanese cosplayers being arrested overseas

Work visa violations result in participants from four countries being arrested, Japanese cosplayers still being held in custody.

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Immigration officer has surprising questions for Japanese pro Smash Bros. player traveling abroad

”What’s the purpose of your visit?” is a common question to get asked at immigration. “Who do you main?” is not.

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Over 100 foreigners disappeared in Japan last year after arriving on cruise ships

Immigration Bureau’s relaxed visa policy has boosted tourism from southeast Asia, but it seems to have come with an unwanted side-effect.

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Aspiring Canadian cosplayer living in Tokyo arrested for immigration fraud sham marriage

Approached Japanese man she met at cosplay event and offered to pay him to be her husband for visa purposes.

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Japanese customer finds run-in with “Indian” convenience store clerk a refreshing experience

Sometimes good customer service means calling a jerk a “jerk.”

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Study reveals staff shortage in Japanese firms, suggests a need to accept low-skilled foreigners

60 percent of small and medium-sized companies in Japan are understaffed, and it’s time to take a hard look at the situation.

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Easier anime work visa requirements for foreign students being considered by Japanese government

New system could start as early as next year, making it easier for foreigners with anime aspirations to get their foot in the door.

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Permanent Japanese residency to be possible for foreigners with anime-related jobs after one year

Japanese government to start fast-tracking select foreigner workers in “Cool Japan” professions.

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Japan announces plans to take in 300 Syrian refugees over the next five years

Efforts will double the number of refugees taken in previously.

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Permanent residency in Japan now possible after just one year

The Justice Ministry’s new rules could cut your wait by years.

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Teen born and raised in Japan faces deportation to a country he’s never been 【Video】

Unfortunately, his case is not unique either.

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Do Japanese People Want Refugees in Japan?【VIDEO】

Here’s what ordinary Japanese people on the street think about refugees in Japan, a country with a 99 percent rejection rate for refugees.

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W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 steps to immigrate to Japan 【Weird Top Five】

Want to leave your country and live in Japan? Here’s how you can do it!

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Muslim man goes on hunger strike after being served ham at Yokohama immigration center

A Muslim man being detained at a Yokohama immigration center was served pork and has gone on a hunger strike in protest.

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Seven reasons why 80 percent of young South Koreans don’t want to live in their own country

South Korea is a popular travel destination adored by many, but a recent survey suggests that almost 80 percent of its citizens want out. Why?

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Muslim man accidentally served bacon while being detained at Japanese immigration office

A Yokohama area immigration office has apologized for mistakenly serving a Muslim man, who is interned there for unknown reasons, a meal that included pork, the consumption of which is forbidden by Islamic law.

For its part, the Yokohama immigration office says it attempted to accommodate the man’s requests for pork-free meals, but unknowingly served him a salad spiked with bacon pieces in an administrative foul-up.

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Job Buddhas and paper hand jobs: Thai government’s list of jobs foreigners may not do is amazing

In this increasingly globalized society, controlling immigration and labor practices becomes an ever more challenging issue for nations. In the case of Thailand, the Ministry of Labor has outlined a list of 39 jobs that foreigners are prohibited from performing in the country.

Of course, since the list is directed at those from other countries the ministry had the list carefully translated into English. So, let’s take a moment to educate ourselves in Thai labor laws with their list titled “Career aliens do not: Not alien to the professional set of career. Professional and not an alien to do.”

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Beaver logs, Christmas dinner, and other crazy stuff foreigners bring to Japan in their suitcases

These days in Japan, you can get almost anything. Nonetheless, there are still some things that remain either hard to find or  unavailable at all. We asked our RocketNews24 English writers, as well as a bevy of tourists and expats, what things they’ve made a point to bring into Japan in their suitcases.

If you’re headed to Japan either for a vacation or for a longer stay, you’ll want to take a peek at what items you may want to bring with you. It’s helpful to know, for example, that if you plan on sleeping on a queen size bed in Japan, you should be prepared to bring your own linen because Japan only sells bedding sets up to a double. If it’s Skittles candy you’re addicted to, bring a stash of that too. But some people have more extravagant tastes than others, so you’ll surely find yourself saying, “You brought WHAT in your suitcase??” a few times.

Join us for some head-scratching after the jump!

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Barack Obama inadvertently galvanizes anti-immigration sentiments in Japan

Confusion broke out online in Japan recently as people weren’t sure what to make of a comment uttered by US President Barack Obama on 25 November. During a speech regarding immigration reform in Chicago he cited Japan as an example of a country which doesn’t “have problems with certain folks being discriminated against.”

In Obama’s mind, the remark must have been an innocuous comment meant to lighten the crowd. Little did he know that it would wind up mentioned in the Japanese press and through a chain of misunderstandings would lead some to comment: “Look at that. So he admits the evils of immigration after all!” It’s as if Aaron Sorkin wrote an episode of Three’s Company.

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