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Kyaraben collections: Some of the most adorable and funny home-made character bentos on Twitter

These creative Japanese lunches are sure to tickle your fancy (and probably make you hungry too).

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The Proper Use of Chopsticks, It’s Never Too Late to Change Bad Hashi Holding Habits!

Chopstick culture is something unique to Asia. Japanese chopsticks, or hashi, are especially beautiful. Any foreign tourist can vouch for the allure of the hashi shop, a great place to linger and enjoy the attractive displays of hashi and their cases.

You would think that anyone living in Japan would get used to eating with chopsticks simply by using them over and over. Well, they do, but it may not necessarily be the correct way. There is in fact a proper way to eat with chopsticks, and even some Japanese adults—two in three people in their 30’s, to be exact—continue to use them incorrectly

Using chopsticks incorrectly can make it more difficult to bring food to your mouth, and it just looks bad too. Fearing the Japanese national image may be at stake, 33-year old reporter with decided to see if long years of mistaken hashi holding could be fixed.

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