boxed lunch

This gigantic panda bento from Tokyo’s Kitchen Dive is deviously generous (and freaky-looking)

Panda lunch box from shop famed for their overwhelming generosity — too good to be true, or just too good?

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Japanese freight container bento satisfies our hunger for unusual lunches

A lunchbox so popular its makers can’t keep up with demand.

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Japanese mom wows us with her ‘eggstraordinary’ food art

Simply put, it’s an eggstravaganza!… sorry.

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Learn to Make the Cutest Sailor Moon Bento with How-To Video

Why settle for a basic lunch when it could be magical?

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Brothers’ bento blooper shows the potential downside of having your mom pack your lunch in Japan

Home-made bento sure look tasty, but one of these brothers wasn’t so lucky.

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You are going to wish this Singaporean chef was making your lunches for you【Photos】

The art of bento making is one that truly forces the creator to plan out every single move ahead. You can’t just plate and then decorate; you need a game-plan right from the start. Plus, it’s not just about presentation – the food has to taste good too. There are plenty of amazing bento artists in Japan (basically any creative mom) but the craft is slowly making its way off the island nation.

A passionate chef from Singapore has been wowing us with her creative and stunning bento that are practically too good-looking to eat. But, any good chef knows that we eat with our eyes first, which means we have been absolutely devouring her cute food.

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