NTT wants you to remember the Tohoku Earthquake by remembering the phone numbers of loved ones

Can you remember 11 digits 11 years after 3-11?

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Here come the mice in black! Kyoto University experiment removes mouse memories with light

Scientists use flashes of light in the brain to really wipe away memories…in mice.
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“Memory enhancing gum” now on sale in Japan

As long as you can remember to chew, you can reap the purported benefits of this gum.

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Japanese gamers reminisce about the good old days of the NES

For most children of the 80s, video games mean the Nintendo Entertainment System, or Famicom in Japan. Even if you didn’t have one in your home, you surely had a friend with one of those enchanting boxes. Ah, the thrills of 8-bit action, midi music, and blowing frantically on cartridges!

Though many parents might have written the devices off as mere toys, there’s an undeniable shared experience that the NES provided for children in many countries around the world. But have you ever wondered how your experiences with the system compared to those of kids in Japan, the console’s home? Well, wonder no more!

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Newly Developed Memory Could Make Your Smartphone Battery Last 10 Times Longer

Good news for users of smartphones and other portable devices constantly frustrated by batteries that don’t seem to last the day.  A new type of energy saving memory has been successfully developed that can extend your battery life from 5 to 10 times.

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