Starbucks mermaid Frappuccino surfaces, makes waves online

Take your taste buds under the sea with a very special limited-time beverage. 

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Girl so scarred by souvenir from Tokyo Tower Aquarium that she doesn’t want to go to school

Something about this toy seems more than a little bit fishy.

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A kappa and a mermaid want to move to Miyazaki…no it’s not the beginning of a joke【Videos】

While some cities promote themselves with cute, dancing idols, others rely on cryptids

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From mermaids to monsters: The taxidermy mummies on show in Japan【Photos】

In the mid-nineteenth century, a showman named P. T. Barnum exhibited an oddity named the Fiji mermaid. Barnum’s mummified mermaid, one of the most famous hoaxes of all time, is widely believed to have been the body of a young monkey sewn onto a fish tail, and had been bought from Japanese sailors for $6,000.

Ningyo (Japanese mermaids – the word literally means “person-fish”) have a long and interesting history, but they aren’t the only ancient fake taxidermy on show in Japan. Across the country are all kinds of other fascinating specimens: “mummies” of tengu, kappa and even dragons.

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Get your brooms and blankets – budget mermaid cosplay is going viral! 【Pics】

We all know witches and wizards can fly on brooms, but did you know that they’re not the only mythical beings that use brooms? Mermaids use brooms too, apparently. We’re just not so sure if they can swim with them.

The creative citizens of Thailand have once again proved that they’re the leaders of the low-cost cosplay world with their budget mermaid outfits!

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