Magic Knight Rayearth

Groundbreaking ‘90s isekai shojo anime series Rayearth getting new anime adaptation【Video】

Back to Cephiro we go as Clamp anime celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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Uniqlo teams up with shojo manga/anime masters Clamp for new World of Clamp T-shirt line【Pics】

Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, and, of course, Tokyo Tower.

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Charming Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth makeup sets revealed for February release

Cosmetics will be sold in a lottery-style game at Japanese convenience stores as part of Clamp’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

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Classic anime Magic Knight Rayearth kicks off new cosmetic line with sword, gauntlet items

“Sword of rouge” sounds like a fantasy weapon, but it’s an actual part of this makeup collection inspired by the hit Clamp anime.

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Add Magic Knight Rayearth boots to your stealth cosplay wardrobe

The designers at the mail order fashion site SuperGroupies are at it again with some Magic Knight Rayearth short boots for the wet, wintry season.

Each design is modeled after one of the main heroines from Clamp’s manga and anime series. Hikaru Shidou, Fuu Hououji, and Umi Ryuuzaki are represented in their respective red, green, and blue colors. The pairs are now available for pre-order for 21,384 yen (about US$181) and are made from genuine leather.

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