Thanks to the shogun, this Tokyo Shinto shrine has good luck charms to help you win idol tickets

The historical reason this shrine in the heart of the city is becoming a must-visit for idol fans.

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Help us find the winner of a 1.2 billion yen Japanese lottery ticket from last year

Probably the worst piece of paper ever to throw out by mistake.

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Nintendo superstar Kirby gorges on fast food for latest Japanese lottery prizes

Instead of chomping down enemies, Kirby’s tucking into burgers, dozing next to pizzas, and serving up coffee.

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Tottori Prefecture is holding a Pokéfuta stamp rally for a chance to win some sumptuous prizes

Pokélovers can have fun taking in the local sights AND entering a lottery to win some local delicacies.

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Design company to hold socially distanced night saunas where you can gaze at Tokyo Tower

Watch out, though: only a maximum of 84 people can take part in this luxury weekend activity.

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Charming Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth makeup sets revealed for February release

Cosmetics will be sold in a lottery-style game at Japanese convenience stores as part of Clamp’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

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Can the powers of the Tokyo area’s literal money-laundering shrine make us rich? We find out

Our latest get-rich-quick scheme takes us to a Shinto shrine in Kamakura with an 835-year history.

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Japanese mythbusting: Is it good luck to stumble upon another person’s poo in a shared toilet?

We put the cold comfort that fecal encounters bring good fortune to the test.

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Japanese Twitter user wins free ice cream for a year, surprised that’s what they literally get

If you ever wanted to know what a full year of ice cream looks like, here’s you chance!

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The results are in from our one million-yen stack of Japanese lottery tickets! So, are we rich?

”I did it!” says our reporter, but what was “it?”

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This is what a million yen of lottery tickets looks like, and a secret that’ll make us rich【Pics】

Trust us, this won’t end like our other get-rich-quick-schemes, because this time we’ve got supernatural powers on our side!

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Man’s lottery success disintegrates in the wash, Japanese netizens commiserate

“Your one chance to win the jackpot slid down the drain?!” What would you do in this nightmare scenario?
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Gold leaf-covered giant gyoza dumpling now on sale to bring you a bit of luck!

This glittering culinary creation is designed to bring luck to purchasers of Japan’s Dream Jumbo Lottery tickets!

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Korean man wins lottery, family stages City Hall protest demanding he split the money

The 58 year-old winner’s mother and daughter say they’re entitled to part of his winnings and went as far as to stage a protest at the local city office.

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This Golden Shaved Ice just might bring you luck (and fortune) this summer!

Golden shaved ice that uses real gold leaf — how’s that for a lucky dessert? 

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Lottery prize figurine of Dragon Ball Super’s hero Goku is also super expensive

You’d have to be almost as wealthy as the Briefs family to win all four of the different versions!

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We bought one million yen worth of scratch lottery tickets to test the chances of winning big

We dropped 1 million yen (approximately US$8,300) on 5,000 Japan National Lottery scratch-off tickets to see if buying in bulk translates to bigger wins.

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Win an adorable Pikachu hooded blanket and more in upcoming Pokémon lottery campaign

Beginning on December 20, residents of Japan can participate in a special Pokémon-themed lottery campaign at participating stores throughout the country. Although the event is officially targeting young adult women, we don’t see how anyone could resist the cute goods that are just waiting to be snatched up!

What was that famous saying again? Oh yeah–“Gotta catch ’em all!”

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Shenanigans at Osaka summer festival lead to one arrest

July and August tend to be the seasons where summer festivals get kicked into full swing. Much like festivals in any country, the festivities are often accompanied by various stalls selling drinks and snacks. Other stalls can be found offering games that you know are probably rigged, but just can’t help trying.

For one such stall runner, 45-year-old Tsutomu Morikawa, poor price planning led to a date with the police.

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Is 800 Million Yen Really Enough to Take a Bath In?

Not too long ago, Mr. Sato was thumbing through a magazine when he came across an ad for something. On the page he could see a man sitting in a bath tub filled with cash.  “Boy, he sure looks happy” Mr. Sato thought as he put down the magazine.

That image lingered in the back of his mind until the announcement of Loto 7’s biggest jackpot ever, 800 million yen (US$8.5M). Then it dawned on him. He could win the grand prize and realize his new dream of bathing in money.

“Winning the jackpot once should be no problem,” he thought to himself “but it’d be a little harder to win twice if I need that much to fill a tub.”

He had to be sure that 800 million yen was enough before he’d be foolish enough to play the lottery.

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