Ibaraki Airport mulls name change to “Tokyo Ibaraki Airport” despite not being in Tokyo

What could possibly go wrong?

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Official Tokyo Olympic volunteer nickname chosen by the public, public doesn’t seem to like it

Despite winning with a total of 16,187 votes, the remaining 126,980,511 aren’t overly enthused about the chosen nickname.

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Don’t call them fat, call them Marshmallow Girls!

Many of us have an impression that Japanese girls are slim and petite (which many of them really are), but one of the sad truths behind their stick-thin figures is a rather serious case of discrimination from society. While voluptuous women are popular in certain parts of the world, being even slightly chubby (not obese) is a big no-no in Japan and chubby girls often get called “debu” (fatso) online and sometimes to their face.

But recently, a new nickname for such chubby ladies has started trending among Japanese netizens, which hopefully will change the attitudes people have towards them. Behold, the rise of the “marshmallow girls”!

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