Cherry blossom party crackers from Japan let you stage a sakura shower anytime you want

Beautiful party supplies turn any party into a cherry blossom-viewing one.

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“Once-in-a-millenium beauty” dominates Tokyo Halloween event

The last couple of years have been benchmark ones for Halloween in Japan. What was once a holiday marked mostly by the infrequent sighting of a handful of mildly embarrassed-looking, costumed foreigners on the Yamanote Line train has grown into a massive industry.

In fact, Halloween has become just as much a holiday about 20 and 30-somethings dressing up as sexy nurses, sexy zombies, sexy superheroes, and other sexy-choose-a-nouns as its American counterpart. But while those costumes were no doubt getting plenty of attention on Shibuya Crossing last night, the Japanese Internet had already decided the undisputed Queen of Halloween was this far more conservatively dressed “once-in-millenium beauty”.

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Suntory encourages responsible drinking with bizarre guide to declining party invitations

There are two types of people that, no matter how much they love the culture, are ultimately going to have a bad time in Japan: Vegetarians, and teetotalers.

Basically every meal in Japan has some type of meat in it, and the more strict you are with your vegetarian/vegen diet, the more difficult it’s going to be to find something to eat. Even supposedly vegetarian options sometimes contain pork or chicken broth or other sneaky animal product additions. And when it comes to those who choose not to drink, or can’t because of medical conditions, it’s almost as hard to get by, if not harder.

Thankfully, Suntory is here to help. Sort of.

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Edible Tableware: Tasty and Environmentaly Sound

Ever felt bad about the waste your picnic created?  All those paper and plastic plates, cups, and utensils piled up to a big mound of garbage when it’s all over.  If you could eat the bowl your potato salad came in, think of the waste you’d be keeping from the dump!

The strategy of “eat away” as opposed to “throw away” is ideal when taking into consideration the dire state of today’s environment.  A spokesperson from the producer of  Edible Tableware, Rice-design Co Ltd,  says that because disposable tableware is such an incredible waste of resources, using dried bread instead of trees makes a lot of sense.  People can appreciate the resources it takes to make disposable tableware while feeling  good about eating away what would litter the earth.  When it comes to saving the environment the little things add up to a big thing if enough people do it.  Imagine at your next picnic how impressed your friends will be!   Read More