pet food

Sukiyaki, soba, oden, and other Japanese comfort foods…for your pet cat or dog?!?

Special for-animal versions of traditional Japanese cuisine favorites might have you wanting to try a bite too.

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Japanese Twitter barks with laughter over dogfood ad’s bizarre choice of photo

They should have used a shot from earlier in the dog feeding process.

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Pet treats from China pulled from shelves, suspected in the illness/death of thousands of dogs

Any pet owner will tell you that pets are undeniably a part of the family. Everyone wants the best for their furry four-legged friend, and it is emotionally painful to watch them when they get sick or when their lives end. Even worse is when their already too-short lives are cut even shorter due to illness caused by something that was believed to be good for them. So, in response to consumer concerns that jerky treats manufactured in China have been the cause of thousands of pet illnesses and deaths, pet-supply chain Petco has decided to stop all sales of Chinese-produced dog and cat treats.

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