Japan’s smallest sumo wrestler has clever message of inspiration if you look carefully

Sometimes a little change in perception is all you need. 

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Moral Japanese poem doubles as a damning indictment of unaware Twitter trolls

Take a deep look inside and ask yourself: do you sound like the type of person described in this poem?
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Black Eggs and Ham, in Japan they am

Would you, could you eat these eggs from Owakudani?

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Winning poems from otaku haiku contest are hilarious, but also hit way too close to home

See the otaku spirit reflected beautifully in 17 syllables.

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Japanese student’s English homework captures futility of life

I’ve marked my fair share of English exam papers here in Japan, and there have been a few gems of hilarity in amongst the spelling mistakes and butchered grammar, but nothing that measures up to this beauty. One student’s answer to a simple question was so deep and existential, it read like poetry.

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Hey, who wrote this poem? Japanese internet users impressed by poem thought to be written by grade-schooler – only to find out unexpected truth!

A certain poem has been attracting much attention on the internet recently in Japan. From the handwriting, the poem appears to be the work of a child in grade school, and people are saying it’s exceptionally well written for the work of a young child. We have a rough translation of the poem below. Read More