We sample both of the “secret” Starbucks cakes that you can only order online

Incredibly rich and dense, these cakes are perfect for Extreme Fans of cheesecake or chocolate.

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Two Sailor Moon musicals will stream online for overseas fans this winter

If you couldn’t make it to these shows in Japan, worry not: now’s your chance to watch them online!

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Japan’s poo museum opens online, offers turds of virtual fun worldwide during stay-home period

The Unko Museum reconnects you with your poop and takes your mind off the crap of social distancing.

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Locked and blocked! Japanese people don’t trust others on social media, survey finds

Japanese social media users are more wary about opening their hearts online compared to other countries — but why?

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Moral Japanese poem doubles as a damning indictment of unaware Twitter trolls

Take a deep look inside and ask yourself: do you sound like the type of person described in this poem?
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Nintendo Switch Online launches in September, comes with 20 free games and cloud save for a fee

Enjoy exclusive features and take your games online for some epic fun for as little as $4 a month.

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Japanese-language voice for League of Legends’ Wukong revealed, sounds kinda familiar…

Who was chosen to voice the Monkey King in the Japanese-language version of League of Legends? His voice sounds oddly familiar…we’re just Saiyan’.

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Women get paid to ‘escort’ male online gamers, provide game instruction in growing Chinese trend

Remember those women in South Korea who get paid money to film themselves eating large meals to provide company for any lonely diners out there? It appears that a similar trend is growing in popularity in China, only this time with male online gamers who pay an hourly wage for online female escorts to play with them. 

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Sony Warns Not to Put Your Gaming Console in the Microwave, Leaves Online Community Dumbfounded

Sony’s recent publicly-announced warning not to put your gaming console in the microwave, has left most of the online community completely lost for words. If you happen to be the owner of a Sony gaming console, placing it in the microwave only to fry the hell of it is surely the last thing on your agenda. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that such reports have recently been doing the rounds on the net. Frying your treasured gaming console obviously defies all forms of common sense and I’m sure most of you will be racking your brains as to whom and under what circumstances would do such a thing.

So just why would Sony issue such a bizarre warning? In short, Sony appears only to be going by the facts, or should we say the evidence that remains resident on the game console after being submitted for repair:

“Of the defective products received by Sony, we have detected on some rate occasions evident changes in the shape of the unit and even burn marks that can only be assumed to have been brought about by the use of an electrical appliance such as a hairdryer or microwave”.

Sony adds, “Heating up your game console leads not only to a defective unit but also creates the risk of a fire or even serious injury”.

Whilst there is much speculation and even theories out there as to why game users would resort to such an act, hard evidence is much lacking.

So just what are some of these theories?

Forget about sending your broken game console to Sony: if you have a hairdryer at hand, repair it yourself the D.I.Y way! – Or so the ‘hairdryer method’ would have you believe!

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