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Terrace House funnyman Ryota Yamasato now married to Japanese actress Yu Aoi

The unlikely marriage that no one saw coming surprises everyone in Japan.

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South Korea’s “Idol School” proves Korean idols are more than just pretty faces【Pics & Vids】

Just how much reality behind South Korea’s idol industry is revealed in this show?

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Fear Factor meets Next Top Model in China’s modeling competition extravaganza

Modeling is a tough business. You need the body, the face, and perhaps the most difficult thing to achieve: the walk. All the top models must combine these three components perfectly. In an industry that is so difficult to break into, a reality TV competition where the winners are whisked off to Italy for a potential professional modeling career could be just the chance an aspiring model is looking for! But these contestants will have to show off more than just their good looks to win this competition. What do these model wannabes have to do to prove their worth for this Chinese TV show? It might just bug some people.

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