Kumamoto Castle

New Doughnut KitKat captures the flavour of a Japanese castle town

Regional-exclusive chocolate aims to raise funds for damaged samurai fortress.

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Kumamoto Castle reconstruction well under way as the complex slowly reopens to visitors【Video】

Take a look at how one of Japan’s most popular castles is making its comeback. 

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The top 10 Castles in Japan to visit in 2019, as ranked by TripAdvisor users

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Who knew that Kumamoto Castle was a Transformer hiding in plain sight all this time?

Kumamoto Castle may be more than meets the eye

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Miniature Kumamoto Castle exhibition lets you marvel at its remarkable architecture up close

The intricate displays offer an alternative perspective on one of Japan’s finest castles.

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Help rebuild the damaged Kumamoto Castle by buying a miniature one to build yourself

Build your own little castle, to help build something bigger.

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Centuries-old Kumamoto Castle continues to battle intense earthquakes

Two violent earthquakes and numerous strong aftershocks continue to rock the iconic 400-year-old castle, which has so far outlasted much younger structures.

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