Japan’s gorilla poo oranges are now in season, and being given away for free!

”Miraculous” fruit is an auspicious way to start the new year, growers say.

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Japan’s “Dog Mountain Castle” gets adorably invaded by cats【Photos】

15th century fortress besieged by pair of dogs’ age-old adversaries.

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The top 10 Castles in Japan to visit in 2019, as ranked by TripAdvisor users

It’s time to plan your sightseeing campaign across Japan! Read More

Real-life Rurouni Kenshin reverse-blade katana, forged by master swordsmith, now on display【Pics】

The sakabato, one of the most famous swords of the anime/manga world, is now part of the real world.

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People willing to move away from Tokyo to be paid one million yen by Aichi government

Tired of the crowds of Japan’s biggest city and looking to relocate? Aichi wants you to make the prefecture your new home.

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Aichi man discovers he is the legendary “Ghost Trumpeter of Lake Iruka”

One guy’s life suddenly became an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

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