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Pop-up “Very Hungry Caterpillar” cafe now open in Tokyo, very hungry fans rejoice

Hopefully you won’t still be hungry after eating your way through these caterpillar-themed dishes.

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Japanese adult acts as perfect train driver using just a children’s picture book 【Video】

Makes us realize some of those things are actually made for grown-ups.

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Mysterious Santa puts smiles on childrens’ faces with a generous gift of 3,000 books!

Christmas is just around the corner, and ’tis the season to be giving! While some of us have yet to even start on our Christmas shopping, an anonymous Santa has already presented three schools in Hokkaido, Japan, with a whopping gift of over 3,000 books in total!

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Guri and Gura, the classic children’s book that’s a little bit different in every country

First published back in 1963, Rieko Nakagawa and Yuriko Omura’s Guri to Gura is one of Japan’s most beloved children’s books. Nearly every adult and child in the country has read or been read the story and has been enchanted by the tale of two mice who overcome one of the cutest logistical problems ever in order to cook up a cake big enough to last a whole day.

Over the years, the book has been translated into dozens of languages, from English to Esperanto, to the point that few now realise the story originally come from Japan. Hawk-eyed netizens in Japan have noticed, however, that in some versions of the delightful tale the dish the field mice cook up at the end of the story changes depending on the country in which the book is published. Let’s take a look to see how Guri and Gura differs the world over.

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All about butts: Learn some great anal Japanese phrases with this picture book!

It’s certainly true that everyone poops, and it’s also obviously true that everyone has a butt. But just how much do you know about your butt?

Probably not as much as Noritake Suzuki, author of the anally-focused children’s book Oshiri Wo Shiritai, or, in English, We Want to Know About Butts!

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