Tokyo man arrested for putting brother’s skull out for recycling collection

Suspect claims he thought it was fake.

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Tokyo Police apprehend the “Lego Kid” and accomplices

Train photography may have been the motive for alleged Legomaniacs.

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Anger sparks as Tokyo politician claims “legally protecting lesbians and gays will ruin district”

But like how?

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Three Tokyo youths arrested for cork hunting, everyone else learns what cork hunting is

There’s a whole world of stuff going on that most people aren’t aware of.

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Man arrested for scamming millions of yen with complaints of “soggy bread”

Soggy bread is the pits. A great sandwich is equal parts texture and taste, so there’s no greater let-down when your bread feels like a freshly opened bucket of tile grout.

Actually, forget that. A bigger let-down is when someone exploits our shared hatred of soggy bread for their own personal gain. That’s what Tokyo Metro Police are suspecting Takashi Ishimoto of doing by making fraudulent complaints of damp sliced bread and raking in an estimated 30 million yen (US$251,000) from unsuspecting retailers in the process.

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