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The best of Japan’s “top 3” tourist hotspots【poll】

Japan really loves to put its tourist spots into a top three list, such as the top three gardens or the top three hot springs. And a lot of tourists like to visit all three of the places to be able to say they’ve completed the set. But which of these famous trios do Japanese tourists want to visit the most? The website Web R25 recently surveyed 664 of their readers to ask them which of the top three lists they most want to visit. Click below to find out which trio of tourist hotspots topped the list and be sure to let us know which one you prefer in our RocketNews24 poll at the bottom!

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The Nicest City to Visit in the World According to Tourists Is…

Okay, I have to say I’m super happy about this particular story! Why? Because guess which city was recently ranked number one in a world-wide survey of what people thought about 40 key tourist destinations around the world — that’s right, none other than my home city of Tokyo!

And this wasn’t just any ordinary survey; it was a survey conducted by TripAdvisor, the well-known international travel site, and based on more than 75,000 responses sent in by people who had recently reviewed on the website the cities featured in the survey. I’m pretty sure it was no mean feat to be ranked first among 40 popular tourist cities in this survey, so I’m very happy indeed that the Japanese capital earned top honors.

I, for one, love to travel and I’m always dreaming about going away on vacation somewhere, but I guess I need to appreciate how lucky I am to be living in what people rated the nicest city in the world. So, what did people find appealing about Tokyo, and which other cities received high marks? We thought you might be interested in learning the details of the survey results, which were as follows: Read More