For expecting couples, visiting the gynecologist for an ultrasound scan can be a memorable experience as it is often their first look at the precious life waiting to be born in the world. Many soon-to-be parents even ask for a black-and-white printout of the scan to commemorate the occasion and then later to embarrass their child in front of his or her friends.

Now, Japanese engineering firm Fasotec has taken prenatal memorabilia to literally the next dimension with “Shape of an Angel,” a miniature 3D replica of the fetus as it lay in the womb.

The replica is offered in partnership with Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic in Mintao-ku, Tokyo.

The fetus is first photographed using MRI and the resulting image data processed using special 3D software. A 3D printer is then used to construct the model, using clear resin for the mother’s body and white resin for the fetus. The position, posture and appearance of the baby appear exactly as it does in the mother’s uterus.

Parents looking to have their own “Shape of an Angel” taken will need to visit the Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic and should be prepared to pay the 100,000 yen (US $1,230) price is costs for a single 90x60x40mm model.

The best part has to be the lovely white jewelry box they throw in to hold your offspring’s grotesqu…err…precious transparent chrysalis:

Sorry kids, looks like it’s 3D humiliation for a 3D age.

Source: ITmedia