custard pudding

Do you like rich, creamy custard pudding? This Japanese ice cream bar is for you!

Delectable custard pudding made with special ingredients and packed into an ice cream bar? Yes, please!

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We found traditional pudding perfection in a brand new Tokyo cafe

In looks and flavor, this pudding knocked Mr. Sato’s socks off! 

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We fall in love with a bucket of Japanese custard pudding【Taste test】

Something else to check off our bucket (of pudding) list.

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We make delicious French toast using a LOT of Japanese custard pudding

A whole kilogram (2.2 pounds) of custard pudding, to be precise.

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Electronics aren’t the only things coming out of Akihabara these days! If you’re a pudding lover, you’ll be thrilled with this tasty custard dessert, something that karaoke and leisure company Pasela has on their menu at their newest venture, bakery Honey Toast Cafe. 

And that’s not all! The custard dessrt is served in the cutest little pottery honey pot which you can take home with you!

With the entire first floor of the giant leisure site being a bakery, you can enjoy a variety of bread and sweet treats- this pudding included- before heading up to the seventh floor to scream into a microphone.  Or, if you don’t need to let off steam with a little karaoke, you can remain downstairs and go straight to the pudding!  Read More