Have you ever seen a capybara? Originally from South America, and immensely popular in Japan, capybaras are actually the world’s largest rodents. They can weigh as much as a person, can run as fast as a young horse, and they can bark and purr. But that’s not all. These cute little animals love to bathe in Japanese-style hot springs. And when they do, they do it with such blissful expressions that you can’t help but smile.

The video below shows the zen-like tranquillity of the capybaras at Nagasaki Bio Park. They’re particularly spoilt here, with a large bath and two specially installed utaseyu, streams of cascading hot water that help to massage tired muscles. The utaseyu area next to the main bath received an upgrade recently, thanks to a present from Izu Shaboten Park: a large wooden wash tub.

Before the addition, worn-out capybaras had to leave their warm bath to receive the hot water massage treatment but now they can enjoy the best of both worlds by soaking in the new tub. The tub is so popular that they’re all now cramming themselves into it, and the young ones jostling to get in are especially cute.

Take a look at the video to see just how relaxing a Japanese spa can be. You’ll feel as relaxed as a capybara in a hot tub!

Source: YouTube/Nagasaki Bio Park
Featured image: Pakutaso
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