For almost 20 years, children and adults across the globe have set out into the tall grass to train so that someday they can claim the title of Pokémon Master. For some that means defeating the Elite Four. For others it means beating the snot out of Gary Oak. And for a smaller percentage of players, that means catching every single monster.

After almost a year and a half of hard work, one anonymous user on 2chan has carved out a true Pokémon legacy by creating handmade stamps of all 649 Pokémon to date. We’d say that this person has made quite a name for themselves, except for that we don’t know who they are! Keep reading for a look at the full stamp collection.

Starting in January of last year, this anonymous Pokémon trainer (APT) began carving images of Pokémon into blocks of soft rubber, using little more than tracing paper and a box cutter. Every night, in the time between work and bed, they spent about three hours carving out the shapes of various, little battle monsters. According to the creator, the project took more than 100 slabs of stamp rubber, with each one making about three or four Pokémon. Every monster took one or two hours to carve, provided they didn’t flub anything and have to start over.


APT first posted about this project last September, when they alerted 2chan to the creation of 333 of these stamp creatures. On June 7, they returned to say that they had completed their Pokédex, this time with pictures of the full 649 character set. Professor Oak must be thrilled!

In addition to Pokémon, APT has made stamps from a number of other anime and game series, including Attack on Titan, Pretty Cure, and Vocaloid. We wonder what they’ll do when Pokémon X and Y are released. For completeness sake, can we expect another hand-crafted contribution to this rubberized Pokédex?

Source: Gold Rush (Japanese)

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