The hit anime and manga title Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) has grabbed readers and viewers with its combination of high-flying action and surprisingly disturbing giants.

More than just being violent, something about the titans in this series strikes the creepy chord perfectly in people. So when figure maker Kaiyodo released four capsule toys based on the series they wanted to make sure that feeling came through.

And come through it did. Be warned that some of these figures depict scenes of violence and gore.

For those unfamiliar with Attack on Titan, it’s the story of a race of variably sized giants who, for an initially unknown reason, have one single reason to exist: to swallow people. After a first wave of attack from the titans, humanity had almost been wiped out and forced back into Medieval-like level of technology.

In order to fight back, the military developed 3-D Maneuver Gear: a steampunk style mobility belt with a booster jet and grappling hook that lets them move around like Spiderman.

The first of the figures shows a titan doing what they do best.

Then we have Eren in titan form dong what he does best.

And a scene of the Colossus titan working on a wall again.

Finally, the only figure without any blood or skinless bodies is a really well designed scene of Mikasa flying away from the clutches of a titan with her 3-D Maneuver Gear.

The Mikasa figure is probably the only one you can put out on display without – as one web user put it – “traumatizing children lol”. However, to get her you’ll have to put your fate in the hands of the gachapon (capsule) gods and see what comes out.

If you’re not the gambling type, you could also order the entire set online for 2,480 yen (US$25) before they’re released to machines across Japan.

Even if you’re not into capsule toys, just be sure to check out Attack on Titan. As unsettling as it can be at times, it’s one of the best series out there today.

Source: Gacha Shokugan Prize via IT Media (Japanese)