naked gyoza01

Earlier this month, the Katamachi branch of the Chinese food restaurant Gyoza no Osho (King of Gyoza) in Kanazawa City, Japan, shut down after a group of men decided to drop in on the royal dumpling restaurant dressed in nothing but their birthday suits.

It was thoughtless behavior on the part of the 10 men who stripped down naked inside the Gyoza no Osho and then proceeded to take a picture of the scene and upload it to Facebook. Why no one appeared to put an end to the scene or alert the authorities is anyone’s guess. Unsurprisingly, the picture was discovered, and the store managers were notified of the situation via email. By the night of September 2, the branch had been shut down indefinitely.

Since that time the picture was removed from Facebook (note that the top image is not of the restaurant in question), however the damage was already done. There is a chance that after this blow to the company’s reputation, the store will shut down completely. In any case, management seeks to demand reparations from these 10 men to cover for the damages.

As a special add-on to this already embarrassing tale, while conducting their in-house investigation of the nudist display, store owners came across another picture featuring one of their very own male workers stuffed inside the freezer for storing gyoza at the Niigata Omi branch. The man is being written up for his behavior, though his exact punishment has yet to be decided.

How long will it take for people to learn that sitting inside company freezers and stripping naked in public places is not acceptable behavior? And honestly, if you just can’t seem to help yourself, at the very least, don’t upload incriminating photos of your untoward actions to the Internet.

Source: Itai News (Japanese)