Zombie Kids (1)

Since its inception in Canada in 2003, Zombie Walk for Kids has spread to England, Australia, Mexico, and, at last, Japan. And, like a proper infection, it’s really catching!

Though still focused mostly on major cities like Sapporo, Osaka, and Tokyo, the events are growing and gaining lots of shuffling, moaning followers. Just a few days ago, one was held at the Arakawa Amusement Park in Tokyo–and we have the horrifyingly adorable photos of zombie kids to prove it!

The event was for “kids 3 and up and their families,” so it was less Night of the Living Dead and more Nightmare Before Christmas, but that doesn’t mean it was any less fun. Even better, it was free to join! You can’t beat free, can you?

All around the event grounds, there were professional make-up artists zombifying the kids. Some of the make-up was so good, a mother wouldn’t recognize her kid if he walked up and bit her on the leg.

Zombie Kids (2)

At first, the kids were kind of confused or nervous, not that we could blame them. But, children being children, it didn’t take them long to get into it, and some of them were even finishing their make-up by themselves. That’s right, take the initiative, little ones! Soon the miniature zombie horde will be unstoppable! Bwahahaha–uhhh, sorry.

Zombie Kids (3)

With their make-up done, the kids changed into something a bit spookier and then it was time for the lessons! Explaining how best to shuffle and move around like the walking dead, an instructor gave the kids advice while demonstrating the techniques. Fortunately, they didn’t teach the kids how to go for the jugular.

Zombie Kids (4)

With everyone ready, it was time for photos! Because what parent doesn’t want photos of their children dressed up in silly costumes for blackmail when they bring a new boyfriend or girlfriend home in their teens?

Zombie Kids (5)

D’awwww! How adorable!

Zombie Kids (6)

Photos/future blackmail secured, it was time to go for a walk around the park. Despite the clear and imminent danger of letting zombies loose in an amusement park, officials did nothing to hold back the horde.

Zombie Kids (7)

The kids (and their parents) got to go on some of the rides, enjoying their flesh-eating family time. Regular park patrons, horrified out of their wits, couldn’t even run. Instead they just took photos. Pro-tip for the next zombie apocalypse you find yourself in: Don’t take photos–just run!

Zombie Kids (8)

Zombie Kids (9)

Zombie Kids (10)

▼Wait…is that one of Santa’s little helpers? Gasp! Mr. Claus is using zombie labor!?

Zombie Kids (11)

Just before lunch, the kids were gathered for one more photo shoot, and they showed off their nigh-perfect zombie shuffles and groans from beyond the grave.

Zombie Kids (12)

Zombie Kids (13)

▼We’re not sure what she is, but we are sure she’s the cutest thing you’ll see today.

Zombie Kids (14)

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when a horde of zombie tykes swarm a merry-go-round, here’s a video showing the stomach-turning incident. Horrible! Horrible, we tell you!

The event was sponsored by the Japan Obaka Kids Association, which aims to “use children’s ‘obaka’ power to bring happiness to the world.” In case you’re wondering, “obaka” is the polite form of “baka,” or, in English, “stupid.” Think of Kids Say the Darnedest Things and it should make sense.

And we would gladly welcome more of that kind of “stupid” in the world. It was incredibly fun to watch the zombie kids running and playing–we wouldn’t even complain if they’d decided to bite us!

References: Japan Obaka Kids Association
Photos by RocketNews24