Sanrio Puroland is turning into Nightmare Land on select nights this summer.

“Cute” and “quaint” are the best words to describe Tokyo’s Sanrio Puroland. The modestly sized Tokyo theme park’s connection to the Sanrio family of cute characters gives it a heartwarming charm all its own, with a focus on stage shows and meet-and-greet events. For example, right now guests can catch a Kawaii Kabuki performance starring Hello Kitty, sit back and relax at the Gudetama The Movie Show, or dance along with Pompompurin at the Purin Purin Fitness Dance activity.

1Or, if you prefer, soon you’ll be able to spend your time at Puroland hanging out with the Devil Tribe instead.

Actually, the Devil Tribe is just one of six groups of “Nightmares” who’ll be taking over Sanrio Puroland for two nights in June, along with the Zombie Tribe, Creature Tribe, Ghost Tribe, Clown Tribe, and Mad Tribe, the last of which seem to be a broadly and loosely defined alliance of armed maniacs.

The Nightmares are coming as part of the Obaken Nightmare Land event, a team-up between Puroland and Tokyo horror entertainment design company Obaken (the same team that organized the Zombie Camp we spent a restless night in a while back). This isn’t the first time Puroland and Obaken have joined forces, but this year’s event is bigger than ever, turning six areas of the park into a massive multi-part haunted house.

▼ Preview video for Obaken Nightmare Land

This being a Japanese haunted house, it’s a walk-through format, with monsters and other menacing presences leaping out at you. You’re tasked with completing a puzzle-solving mission in each area, followed by unlocking the Box of Awakening in order to escape from the horrific realm, with the event’s announcement ominously asking “Can you wake up from this nightmare?” You’re also given a Sash of Life to wear upon entering the park, which the monsters will try to snatch away from you

▼ No word on what happens if your Sash of Life is taken away, so we’ll assume the penalty is losing your human soul for all eternity.

Obaken Nightmare Land will be taking place on the nights of June 10 and 17, with admission capped at 1,000 visitors/victims per night. Puroland turns into Nightmare Land from 7 to 10 p.m., after the theme park’s regular closing time, and requires a separate admission ticket. Tickets can be reserved online here for 5,980 yen (US$45), and if, by some impressively twisted logic, you think this would be a great time for your family’s littlest children too, admission is free for kids 2 and younger!

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Source, images: PR Times
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