Yesterday, we wrote about Mister Donut’s new Pon de Umaimon series, which are basically savory varieties of the doughnut ring leader’s signature product, the Pon de Ring. Speaking of savory doughnuts, some genius in the office thought, why not go all the way with it! So we attempted the ironic stunt of making a monjayaki with a monjayaki flavored doughnut to see if it blends in with the real deal.

Monjayaki is a Kanto dish, so we had our very own Tokyo native, Mr. Hatori, work the monja magic for us!

First, we tried cooking the doughnut on the grill, just to test how much of a monjayaki it was.

▼ Cutting up the Pon de Monja into smaller pieces.monja2


▼ Mix it around till it’s evenly cooked.monja5

▼ The charred bits make it crispy and more flavorful.monja6

▼ Mr. Hatori: “It’s not bad…”monja7

Next up, the much awaited Pon de Monja Monjayaki! Are you ready for the real thing?

▼ Plenty of cabbage, mentaiko (marinated cod roe) and agedama (deep-fried batter bits).monja8

▼ Stir-frying the ingredients with Mr. Hatori’s mad monja chopping skills at work!monja9

▼ Here comes the doughnut! We toasted it before adding it to the grill.monja10

▼ Then in goes the batter!monja11

▼ At this point Mr. Hatori was practically exclaiming, “It’s blooming like a beautiful flower!”monja12

▼ When the batter starts to bubble, scramble everything up and chop the doughnut up as well.monja13

▼ And it’s done!monja14

▼ Tasting time! It looks promising!monja15


▼ It actually tasted pretty awesome.monja17

Monja master Mr. Hatori’s verdict:

It doesn’t taste out-of-place, this could totally work. But! It’s kinda sweet. Chewy and nice, but frankly speaking, slightly sweet.
The Pon de Monja tastes best toasted in an oven.

Well, to be fair, it’s a doughnut after all! While it might taste savory in comparison to regular doughnuts, it still leans towards the “sweet” category when placed up against a true savory dish. But that’s just Mr. Hatori’s taste buds doing the talking. If you have a sweet tooth, this crazy fusion dish might be worth a shot!

Images: RocketNews24
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