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Mister Donut, arguably the most popular doughnut chain in Japan, is full of creative and interesting fried dough creations. Just a few months ago, Misdo (as it’s called in Japan) unveiled Hello Kitty jack o’ lantern doughnuts for Halloween and are currently selling Snoopy and Woodstock Christmas treats. But their newest offering sounds more bizarre than delicious. Officially called “Pon de Umaimon,” these rings of flavor come in eight sweet or savory regional varieties that are sure to make you wonder why such a doughnut exists.

Mister Donut’s signature, the Pon de Ring, is used as the base of each doughnut. Here are the four flavors that are only available in eastern Japan: Zunda mochi (sweet edamame and mochi dessert from Sendai), monjayaki (savory pan-fried batter dish), Koshihikari malted rice, and Hokkaido buttered potato flavored doughnuts.

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Don’t worry, western Japan wasn’t left out, getting their own regional flavored doughnuts: Kokura toast (toast with sweet red beans and butter), okonomiyaki (savory “Japanese pizza”), muscat, and mango flavor.

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Each ring sells for 147 yen (US$1.43) and they will be around until the end of December. So stop on by your nearest Mister Donut and enjoy the local flavors in doughnut form.

Source: IT Media
Images: Mister Donut