Three is the magic number this time around.

Last September the world was given a splash of color with the release of Splatoon 3, the game which pits squid and octopus people against each other to douse as much of the terrain and opponents as possible with brightly colored ink. And with the game’s release came a collab with leading ice cream parlor Baskin Robbins (widely known as “31” in Japan).

Considering both brands’ preference for vibrant colors, it was a match made in heaven, and now it’s back from not until 20 July!

Splatoon 3 has seen a number of additions since its launch, with new modes that add to the gameplay. These changes have been reflected in this latest tie-in as well. For example, last year’s Ikasu Soda and Grape flavor that featured blue and yellow ice cream to represent the two teams in the game has been upgraded to the Ikasu Tricolor Fruit Punch for 390 yen (US$2.70).

The soda-flavored (referring to an apple/citrus flavor in Japan) yellow and grape-flavored blue sorbet have returned but are now joined by a red sour-peach-flavored sorbet. This is a reference to the Tricolor Turf War that has been added to Splatfests and pits three teams against each other.

Likewise, Baskin Robbins’ Triple Pop, which is a cup with three scoops of any flavor, has leveled up to the Tricolor Pop for 650 yen ($4.50), in which one of the scoops is Ikasu Tricolor Fruit Punch with a cone sticking out of it for good measure. It’s also topped with a Super Sea Snail cookie.

They come in a special Splatoon 3 cup that has stickers of various characters that you can remove and use elsewhere after eating.

Double Cups with two scoops of any flavor will also come in one of two special Splatoon 3 cups, each with a Tricolor Turf War theme.

And the first 310,000 people to order either the Tricolor Pop or Double Cup will get one of two cookies featuring one of the two cat judges from the game. Much like in the game, the judges are assigned randomly and you can’t choose which one you get.

Last year’s Nice! Gelatin Soda has be replaced with the Tricolor Battle Clash Soda for 680 yen ($4.70), which has the same packet of blue and yellow syrup and scoop of ice cream, but replaces the bits of gelatin with more crushed ice for an all around crisper and cooler beverage.

That all is just the beginning though, because two big new items have also been added to the line up. First is the Ikashita Ice Cream Set, which are six scoops of any ice cream in Splatoon 3 cups.

And all this is wrapped in a big Splatoon 3 box.

But best of all, to keep your ice cream cool during transport, there’s also a Splatoon 3 squid-shaped cooling pack!

Finally, the pièce de résistance is the Splatoon 3 31 Deco Cake for 4,300 yen ($29.72). This starts with your choice of a Chocolate Chip / strawberry or Caramel Ribbon / Chopped Chocolate ice cream cake which is then topped with six scoops of whatever ice cream you want. Decorations include cat judge cookies, paper cut-out of Splatoon fighters, a chocolate pen with chocolate message board, candles, and best of all, two packets of blue and yellow milk sauce that you can goop all over the cake, just like in the game!

Put it all together and you’ll get something like this:

This alliance doesn’t end in the ice cream shop either. In Japan from 15 to 17 July, Splatoon 3 will be holding a special Splatfest asking players to vote for their favorite ice cream flavors and then defend the honor of said flavors in a Tricolor Turf War. Vanilla, Strawberry, or Mint Chocolate: Which one will prevail?

Of course, Popping Shower couldn’t have been included because everyone would just vote for that and end up on the same team.

Source, images: PR Times
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