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Unlike cats, dogs are usually pretty easy to win over. Constantly seeking praise and approval, with a few “good boy”s and a scratch behind the ear they’ll immediately cheer up and want to be friends again. You can praise a cat until you’re blue in the face — it neither wants nor needs your approval, and if it’s not in the mood, you’ll soon know about it.

This little shiba inu, though, looks especially irked, and is making no secret of the fact that he’s cross by ignoring his owner no matter what she says or does. All until…

Sent to his cage for bad behaviour, Rintaro here is in a decidedly bad mood. His owner sits beside his cage to talk to him, scratching behind his ears and under his chin, but is ignored the entire time.


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▼ “Oh, you’re pulling on my cheeks. Should this amuse me, somehow?”

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▼ “What? Oh now you want to play?”

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▼ “Whatever…”

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▼Hey, Rintaro!

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It’s when his owner says one particular word, however, that Rintaro suddenly, almost magically, perks up. Check out the video here:

“Oh, so you can hear me!?” Rintaro’s owner chuckles as soon as he pricks up his ears and looks at her. It’s amazing what the offer of a little oyatsu (snack/treat) will do for a dog’s hearing…

Source: YouTube via Yahoo! Japan