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Fans may be counting the days with anticipation until the launch of the new Sailor Moon anime series in July, but in the meantime, the good folks at Bandai have come up with yet another attractive product inspired by the series. Yes, the new “Pullip Sailor Moon” has just become available for pre-order, and it looks like Sailor Moon fans now have one more lovely product to seriously covet. And unlike some of the other Sailor Moon goods from Bandai, this one is not just a cute gadget, but a re-creation of the magical guardian warrior herself!

But what exactly is this “Pullip“? It’s a line of fashion dolls created by Korean designer Cheonsang Cheonha, and while usually they can be custom-made with your choice of hairstyle, make-up and clothes, this time they’ve collaborated with the popular anime/comic series to produce the Pullip Sailor Moon, which we think looks quite amazing.


Pullip dolls characteristically have slightly over-sized heads, which adds to their charm, and the Sailor Moon version of the doll is no exception. They’ve also recreated Sailor Moon’s trademark double bun with trailing gorgeous long hair, as well as the costume, tiara and Moon Stick which fans are sure to be familiar with. And like the standard Pullip dolls, Pullip Sailor Moon can move her eyes right and left and even give you a charming wink!


The doll also has quite a range of movement in her joints, which should allow her to strike various poses, including the famous “in the name of the moon” pose.

As you may expect from the obvious detail and quality, this re-creation of our favorite magical heroine doesn’t come cheap. The doll is available from the Premium Bandai online shop for 17,280yen (US$170), and the actual product is scheduled to be delivered in July.

And as an added bonus, when you order now throughout the Premium Bandai site, your Sailor Moon doll will come with a miniature Luna plush toy!

▼ Now, isn’t the miniature Luna just adorable?
pullip 10

Here’ a look at some more pictures of Sailor Moon as Pullip:

▼The parts of the doll, including the arms can be moved to assume various positions.

▼ A full view of the doll, seen here brandishing her Moon Stick pullip 4

▼The doll seen from the back — check out her gorgeous long hair!pullip 5

▼Just look at the details on her face and costume!pullip 7

▼Yes, she can wink!pullip 8

▼A close-up of the doll’s face — her large eyes and perfectly formed pink lips are exquisite!pullip 9

So, Pullip Sailor Moon is quite a cutie, isn’t she? We wouldn’t be surprised if she turns out to be extremely popular regardless of her considerable price tag. Hmm … although if you buy one of these dolls, you may want to take extra good care of her, just to make sure she doesn’t punish you in the name of the moon!

Original Article by: Anji Tabata (c)Pouch
Source and photos: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project site and Premium Bandai online shop 
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