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Seeing as how 17 years passed between the final TV episode of Sailor Moon and its reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal, it’s no surprise that the latter makes far more use of digital animation production. But while the newer anime’s designs have sharper line work, some traditionalists still prefer the old school look of the original series.

However, if you’d rather have your Sailor Senshi not just rough around the edges, but downright rectangular, merchandiser Bandai is ready to fill that need with this line of Sailor Moon merchandise done in the style of eight-bit pixel art.

Even though it’s officially dubbed the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Dot Bit Series, that doesn’t mean Sailor Moon and her pals are depicted with the willowy proportions the characters have in Crystal. Instead, they’re rendered in the sort of low-res mosaic evocative of video gaming’s pre-polygon period.

While we’ve looked at 2-D Sailor Moon video game artwork before, the series’ original TV run straddled the 16 and 32-bit eras, when smoother lined pixel art was giving way to three-dimensional models. But had Naoko Takeuchi got the ball rolling on her magical girl saga a few years earlier, when eight-bit consoles likes the Famicom/NES were still in their heyday, the licensed games’ graphics might have looked a little something like what we see here.

Each of the Inner Senshi are represented in the line, as are Tuxedo Mask, Chibi Moon, and cat mentors Luna and Artemis. Sailor V, alter-ego of Sailor Venus, also shows up, perhaps as a nod to the in-series Sailor V video game that main character Usagi likes to play to blow off steam.

▼ Tote bag (2,700 yen [US$23]), front and back

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▼ Smaller “lunch tote bag” (2,1600 yen), sized to carry your bento lunch box in

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▼ Laminated zip-up pouch (1296 yen)

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▼ Three-piece drawstring pouch set (3,456 yen)

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▼ Cushion (3,456 yen)

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▼ Scrunchie (1,080 yen)

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▼ Mirror (1,080 yen)

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▼ And finally, a whole bunch of rubber charms, priced at 756 yen each

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The entire lineup is available directly from Bandai, here and here, through the company’s Premium Bandai website. All of the items are scheduled to ship in May.

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