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You know the feeling: you’re a busy Japanese salaryman going on a business trip overseas, waiting for your international flight at Narita Airport, when suddenly you realize that you forgot to buy a present to take to the foreigners you’re going to visit.

Thankfully, now there’s a solution to that problem: sushi t-shirts.

Last July, Parco City brought us sushi luggage covers. Their goal was to turn boring old luggage-pickup conveyor belts at the airport into giant kaiten zushi (conveyor belt) restaurants. You can see their vision realized here:

Now thanks to the success of the luggage covers, they’ve released their next set of sushi-related goods: sushi shirts. They are being sold for 3,700 yen (US$31.50) each at Narita Airport, and are specifically marketed as souvenirs for Japanese people to buy and take overseas as gifts. The shirts come in all sizes, and they’re neatly folded inside stylish wooden boxes carefully tied with string, so it looks like you really put a lot of thought into your present when you actually just grabbed it at the last second.

▼ The shirts come in four different flavors: maguro (tuna), egg, ebi (shrimp) and ikura (roe).

four shirtsParco (edited by RocketNews24)

But maybe the foreigners you’re going to visit just aren’t “shirt people”? And what if you don’t know their size? Well Parco’s got your back yet again as they have a whole line of other sushi goods based on the coma-inducingly cute Oshushi Da Yo four-panel Twitter comic.

▼ This is Maguro, a character from the comic. Yes, you may commence squealing.

maguro characaterTwitter (@memimimeme)

As cute as the Oshushi Da Yo characters are, their comics are quite simple, almost to the point of being too simple. Here’s an example: [translation below]

Oshushi da yo! (I’m a shushi!)
Soy sauce!
*dip* *dip*
S-so salty.

While the comic strip won’t be winning a Pulitzer anytime soon, it’s still cute enough to turn the characters into phone cases and tote bags. Those items along with sushi luggage covers will be sold at SUSHI POPUP STAND at select locations for a limited time only. You don’t have to be a traveling Japanese businessman to buy them, so if you’re intrigued by the sushi-souveniers, feel free to get one for yourself at any of these locations:

● OMISE PARCO in Narita Airport
(SUSHI POPUP STAND open 1/20-2/28)
● Meetscal Store by once A month in Shibuya’s Parco
(SUSHI POPUP STAND open 1/15-2/9)
● once A month in Fukuoka’s Parco (starting Jan. 20th)
(SUSHI POPUP STAND open 1/20-2/19)
● The National Art Center, Tokyo
(Sushi shirts only)

Source: Entabe
Featured/top image: Parco (edited by RocketNews24)