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Producers of the upcoming reboot of classic anime franchise Sailor Moon have been frustratingly tight-lipped with fans. Originally set to premier this summer, its premiere has now been pushed back to winter, and to date, not a single piece of art from the new series has been released.

Merchandising giant Bandai, on the other hand, has been putting out a steady string of new goodies for Sailor Moon fans as part of the series’ 20th anniversary. New Sailor Moon-themed accessories were released in June and July, and the company has now made it three months in a row with two new necklaces plus a new pair of earrings that went on sale this month.

While Sailor Moon’s primary target market is little girls, the prices and material of the accessories offered through Bandai’s high-end online shop Premium Bandai show them to be clearly aimed at adult women with decent paychecks and girlish fashion tastes.

For those who can’t get enough of Sailor Moon herself, there’s a pendant based styled after the Moon Stick she wields from the series’ first season, made of 925 silver.

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And while there’s no tiara for sale, you can pair the necklace with a set of crescent moon earrings that are an exact match for those worn by the heroine. These are also crafted from 925 silver, but coated in 18-karat gold.

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Should you feel the Moon Stick pendant is too understated to stand out against the flashier hue of the earrings, you could instead pair them with this pendant featuring the Dimensional Key used to manipulate space and time by the dark and mysterious Sailor Pluto, made of the same 925 silver with 18-karat gold plating.

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The earrings go for 9,975 yen (US $100), the Moon Stick pendant for 11,550 yen, and the Dimensional Key pendant comes in at the highest price of 13,650 yen. All are available exclusively through Premium Bandai.

This batch of just three new offerings is a noticeable step down in quantity from the six necklace designs that went on sale last month. But with the Sailor Pluto pendant showing that Bandai is willing to branch out into other members of the cast, which contains no fewer than 10 sailor-skirted superheroines, and four more months left in the year-long celebration of Sailor Moon’s milestone, fans may want to set aside a few extra bucks for next month too, just in case.

Source, images: Premium Bandai
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