The authentic glasses are based on the ones worn by two bespectacled characters from classic anime films.

On September 29, Japanese glasses manufacturer Washin began accepting orders for glasses inspired by two male characters from the popular Studio Ghibli films My Neighbor Totoro (1988) and Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989). Made in Fukui Prefecture’s Sabae City, one of the biggest producers of glasses frames in all of Japan, the glasses are handcrafted through all of the cutting, assembling, and polishing production stages. Each comes with black acetate frames and UV-cut lenses, though customers can customize their pair with prescription lenses for a separate fee.

The first pair pays homage to My Neighbor Totoro‘s Tatsuo Kusakabe, the loveable father of Satsuki and Mei who moves his girls to a house in the countryside while his wife is recovering from illness at a local hospital.

▼ Tatsuo Kusakabe

Tatsuo is a professor who’s always pouring over his books, so his glasses give off a distinctly studious air with their thick and sturdy frames.

The pair also comes with a special lens cloth and a slightly retro-looking original case appropriate to the film’s setting in 1950s Japan.

Meanwhile, the second pair belongs to Kiki’s Delivery Service‘s Kopori, better known by his nickname of Tombo (“dragonfly”). Tombo is an aviation-loving, freckled boy who initially irritates titular character Kiki after her move to the town of Koriko but later befriends her.

▼ Kopori, aka Tombo

His glasses are rounder and befitting of a boy who’s captivated by the thought of flying in the sky.

Tombo’s glasses also come with a special lens cloth and a case inspired by his trademark denim jeans.

Each pair of the Studio Ghibli-inspired glasses costs 39,600 yen (US$265.10) and can be purchased on Washin Palette’s online store.

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Source, images: PR Times
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