Fast food chain wants us to indulge in a buttery new Guilty Burger.

Back in October last year, Burger King gave us its views on cheat days, saying they should be thoroughly enjoyed by going all out in mega-calorie style with extra butter…guilty butter.

Their suggestion for the ultimate treat-yourself cheat day meal was one of their new Guilty Butter burgers — the Guilty Butter Beef Burger or the Guilty Butter Chicken Burger — which both use newly developed “craft buns” that have been soaked in butter.

▼ The Guilty Butter Beef Burger

▼ The Guilty Butter Chicken Burger

Customers couldn’t resist these guilty pleasures back then, and now the burger chain is attempting to seduce us again, with a new variety called the Guilty Butter Croquette Sandwich. 

It’s a bold move by Burger King to choose this time of year to release the new guilty pleasure, when people are most likely to be adamant about sticking to a better diet. But, hey, if you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolutions, you can go all out with butter-soaked buns and a “newly developed special butter croquette” which doesn’t skimp on the butter either.

▼ The croquette contains potatoes mixed with plenty of butter cream.

It’s not an entirely guilty experience, though, as there are pickles, onions and lettuce in there to provide some nutrition and refreshment. Although with the addition of creamy mayonnaise and a special cheese sauce, this burger definitely tips the scales over to the guilty side of things.

Burger King says we’ll be captivated by the new Guilty “Butter Coro” Sandwich, as they’re affectionately calling it. We’ll wait to deliver our verdict on that when the new burger makes its debut at select locations around Japan from 7 January, priced at 640 yen (US$5.52) on its own or 940 yen as a set.

Personally, though, our waistlines would’ve preferred it if they brought back the spicy evil-repelling burger they gave us last year.

Source, images: PR Times
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