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No matter how much you like Japanese animation, odds are you’ll reach a certain age where you need a dressier wardrobe than a closet full of anime T-shirts. It’s a milestone a large chunk of Sailor Moon’s fanbase is hitting these days, as it’s now been more than 20 years since the series’ TV premiere.

Thankfully, just because you’re too old to be buying all your clothes at an anime convention dealers room doesn’t mean you have to give up entirely on combining your passion for animation with what you wear. Fashion brand Tralala is launching a new line of Sailor Moon apparel that’ll be instantly recognizable to fellow fans, while still allowing you to fly fashionably under the radar with anyone who’s never seen the show.

The most overtly anime-like of the five-piece collection is the 5,900-yen (US$49) sailor collar tank top, which Tralala recently showed off through its official Twitter account.

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Five different colors are available, corresponding to the costumes of Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. The back of each sailor suit-style collar has the appropriate character’s name embroidered on it, but you can downplay the anime connection if you’d like by taking off the removable ribbon from the chest.

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If you’re not in the mood to go sleeveless, you can pair the tank tops with one of three 5,900-yen cardigans. Not only do they feature Sailor Moon’s mentor Luna perched on a crescent moon on the left breast, the V-neck opening is wide enough that it won’t cover the tank top’s ribbon, if you’ve chosen to leave it on.

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Tralala’s final top for Sailor Moon fans is the sailor knit sweater, which the manufacturer says is light enough to be worn in any season and is also priced at 5,900 yen. Buyers can choose from red, black, white, or pink versions, all with subtler collar designs than the tank tops.

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Of course, once you’ve picked out a top, you’ll need something for your legs. The 6,900-yen Sailor Moon skirt sits high on the waist and is neither as revealing or as brightly colored as the pleated numbers the Sailor Senshi rock in their anime appearances. What they do have though, are Luna and fellow talking cat Artemis ringing the hemline, plus a girlish ribbon in the small of the back.

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Finally, Tralala’s 4,900-yen Sailor Moon pouches make a cute place to stash your Moon Stick or Transformation Pen, plus more mundane gear like your keys or train pass.

The entire collection goes on sale January 23 at 4 p.m. JST, and is expected to be available through Tralala’s online store here. Pick out your favorite colors, pop in your Sailor Moon color contacts, and slip on a pair of sailor-style shoes from fellow magical girl franchise Cardcaptor Sakura, and your head-to-toe anime sailor transformation will be complete.

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