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Did you know that in the United States, you can buy an apple, literally eat it all the way down to the core, and then return the core for a refund? It’s like free apples every day.

Okay, so that’s a little far-fetched; pretty much everybody in the US would go out of business if you could just return everything when you were done using it. But it’s true that, comparatively speaking, return policies stateside can heavily favor the consumer. With the exception of certain goods, you can return most things still in decent condition as long as you remembered to keep the receipt.

And that’s just one of the quirks about various countries of the world revealed in this adorably peppy Taiwanese video:

Put together by the people at Stop Kiddin’ Studio – which, from what we can tell, looks sort of like a Taiwanese Buzzfeed Video – this piece asks what appear to be study abroad students for some quirky or surprising facts about their countries. And, unlike previousPeople from this country are different (implied: ‘better’than people from that country because…” type comparisons we’ve seen before, this video sticks refreshingly to solid facts; thankfully steering clear of stereotype territory.

Yes – what with the lack of all that juicy stereotyping – some of the “facts” are a little boring, like “Did you know you can drink espresso standing up in Italy?” (We’re pretty sure you can drink espresso standing up in any damn country), but others, like the fact that there is no official drinking age in Vietnam (!!!) will make you want to book your plane tickets right away.

And, because we love you even if you’re reading from a phone or at work, or just don’t like watching YouTube videos for some reason, we’ve done our best to screencap all the facts here:

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