When we reported a while back about the giant Godzilla head that has taken up residence atop a Shinjuku skyscraper, we also mentioned how a nearby hotel, the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, has been quick to set up special Godzilla Viewing Rooms to cash in on its proximity to the fanged monstrosity. Naturally, we headed over there as soon as we could to get a good look at that ugly ol’ head up close and personal!

The Hotel Gracery Shinjuku opened its doors to the media on April 9, and we sent our beloved Mr Sato along to have a poke around the Godzilla-themed rooms and report back on the view from inside the hotel itself. Apparently, the head was “huge, I’m talking mega, mega HUUUGE!” and Mr Sato also snapped a ton of photos, so you can see it for yourselves!

There are six special “Godzilla View Rooms” at the hotel which offer splendid and stunning views of the giant kaiju head rendered in elaborate detail.  All of the rooms are equipped with single beds only, which means couples will sadly not be able to pass an enchanted evening under the watchful gaze of Godzilla.


Apparently, every time you catch a glimpse of the view outside, you’re pretty much guaranteed to do a double-take due to the incredibly lifelike nature of the big model head.

▼ Check out those teeth!


The giant head also lets out a roar every now and then to assert dominance over the neighbourhood. (We’re wondering how anyone manages to get a good night’s sleep with a noisy Godzilla growling away outside of the window…)


On the 30th floor, there’s also a special Godzilla exhibition room, which is packed full of Godzilla memorabilia (and features twin beds).  Hmm, we might have some trouble sleeping with a giant Godzilla foot poised to strike like that. (Hopefully it’s not animatronic…)


Mr. Sato also discovered this interesting-looking box on the wall. We’re not sure what the green and red light-up buttons are supposed to symbolise. Perhaps it’s a secret device that only people who pay to stay in the room are allowed to tinker with. Still, Green Godzilla probably means that an attack isn’t imminent.


▼ Just look at that beady orange eye, watching you as you sleep. Those filmy curtains won’t protect you from his stare!


▼ It’s HUGE!


▼ There’s a nice view of Shinjuku somewhere behind that gaping maw.


▼ That nostril looks like it could accommodate a fully-grown adult.


▼ Proof that it is, after all, just a head.




▼ Special amenities that come with each Godzilla View Room.


▼ The Godzilla Room on the 30th floor is all kinds of swanky.




▼ There’s even a miniature model of the Hotel Gracery in the room!


▼ And a model of Godzilla towering almost to the ceiling!


▼ Some nice 3D wall art including a big ol’ lizardy tail!


▼ And a full display of Godzilla movie posters!



▼ You can see the sights from the 30th floor.


▼ Freebies available in the Godzilla Room!


▼ There’s even special Godzilla-themed desserts available at the restaurant on the 8th floor. Um, is that blood, or raspberry sauce…?


If you’d like to book a room and check out the view for yourselves, visit the Hotel Gracery’s website!

Original Article by: Mr Sato
All photos © RocketNews24
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