There’s never been a better time to be a Sailor Moon fan than right now. With the release of Sailor Moon Crystal, there’s just so many cute and adorable Sailor Moon tie-in goodies up for grabs. And most of it’s really good stuff, too!

But with good stuff comes a hefty price tag, as we discovered when we got all excited about these Sailor Moon sweet dessert-inspired necklaces, rings and trinkets, only to discover that all that cuteness doesn’t come cheap…

The new jewellery range is a collaboration between Sailor Moon and Q-pot, a specialist maker of accessories shaped to look exactly like delicious sweets. The range includes eight items which are set to go on sale on June 30 (which fans will know as Usagi’s birthday!). Let’s take a look at what’s on offer!

First up, we have this adorable Crystal Star Macaron necklace for 15,000 yen (US$124) and keyring for 13,000, ($108) followed by the Starry Night Macaron necklace at 11,000 yen ($91) and bag charm for 8,000 yen ($66). The Moon Phase Pocket Watch necklace, meanwhile, will set you back 28,000 yen ($232), and the Sailor Moon Biscuit necklace will gobble up 21,000 yen ($174) of your hard-earned moolah. The Sailor Ribbon Cup Cake necklaces are all 11,000 yen ($91) each.

Rounding up the range, we have the Sailor Jewel Candy rings for 17,000 yen ($141), and the Sailor Jewel Whip bangles for 12,500 yen ($103). Each piece of jewellery comes in one of these cute Special Package boxes!

As you can see, these super-cute accessories are a little beyond the means of your average teenager’s budget. We suspect that, like a lot of the Sailor Moon merchandise around these days, this stuff’s meant for grown women who’ve been watching the series since their own childhoods and probably now have the disposable income to drop a couple of hundred bucks on some shiny, brightly coloured baubles. Because what else is being an adult good for, if not spending money on frivolous trinkets designed to bring us back to our own golden childhoods?

Source/images: Nijimen