Mega House

Learn the anatomy of a ramen bowl with new 25-piece 3-D Shoyu Ramen puzzle

How do you put a ramen bowl together? This puzzle will teach you!

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Spice up your drinking parties with Tipsy Bar Games based on popular izakaya food

Or keep them at home for game night!

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Learn about the anatomy of your favorite Sanrio characters with new kimokawaii skeleton toys

Did you ever expect Pompompurin to actually have bones?

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Make Japanese food replicas at home with the 3-D Dream Arts Pen 【Pics】

You don’t have to stand outside restaurant windows to enjoy Japan’s amazing food displays — now you can recreate the delicious samples at home!

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Sweet little Digimon toys will get you ready for a Digimon movie marathon

We’re super excited for the impending release of the new Digimon. Fans and artists are all speculating about the story and design for this new six-part movie series. Details suggest the original cast of “digi-destined” will be back, which means our favorite original Digimon will be back too.

Toy makers are fueling the hype machine, too, as Mega House is releasing a set of figures of your favorite season-one Digimon. These little guys are so cute, you won’t be able to stop yourself from singing that catchy theme song!

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