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Summer is here, and with its warmer temperatures it’s the perfect time of year for stepping out in a lightweight dress. Of course, summer also means it’s time for summer vacation, thus removing the school uniform from the clothing options of fashionistas, anime fans, and monster-fighting magical girls alike.

There is an elegant way to combine the two looks, though, with these new Sailor Moon sundresses, which are part of a new line inspired by the anime hit that also contains blouses, cardigans, and skirts.

For this latest offering from anime retailer Super Groupies, the company has teamed up with fashion label Tralala, itself a sub-brand of Japan’s Liz Lisa.

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The transformation collar sailor one-piece is available in pastel blue or pink, both polyester and priced at 8,900 yen (US$71).

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▼ If that ribbon is just too cutesy for you, it can be removed.

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But maybe you like to keep your tops and bottoms separate? In that case, Super Groupies is also offering sailor blouses in either white or pink, made of a polyester/urethane blend, for 6,900 yen.

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Emblazoned on the chest, you’ll find Chibiusa’s Space-Time Key (or just the plain old Time Key, as it’s known in Japan). Turn your gaze to the back of the blouse, and you’ll see that it sports a sailor suit-style collar that drapes over the back of the shoulders.

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Those looking to color coordinate with their favorite Sailor Senshi will also want to pick up one of the five cardigans (although their pastel shades mean that Sailor Mars fans will have to settle for pink instead of red).

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Made of an acrylic/nylon blend, the 5,900-yen cardigans feature the cat mentor duo of Luna and Artemis embroidered on the chest and, oddly enough, a decorative ribbon along the inside edge of the collar.

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Finally, if you’ve opted for the blouse or cardigan instead of the dress, you can finish off your outfit with one of three all-cotton striped Sailor Moon skirts.

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There aren’t quite as many colors to choose from as with the cardigans, but you do still get your pick from navy, light blue, and pink, all of which sell for 6,900 yen. This time, the pattern features both Luna and Artemis as well as the Time Key.

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The skirt is designed to sit high on the waist, and with the semi-elastic waistband should help to create a leggy, slender silhouette (even if not one as impossibly willowy as Sailor Moon has in her original manga artwork). Like with the line’s blouses, there’s a fashionable surprise waiting in back in the form of a femininely oversized bow.

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The entire collection can be ordered directly from Super Groupies here, with delivery scheduled for late June.

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