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It’s so easy these days to try something new and creative since tons of people post really cool things to Instagram and Pinterest. A person can get a million fantastic ideas for their next project just by browsing for a few minutes. What’s especially helpful is that people will often post DIY tutorials and step-by-step pictures to allow even the commonest of folk to get their creative juices flowing. Whether your final product turns out as well as the instructions you are following is a bit of a crapshoot, it’s still extremely fun/funny just to try it for yourself.

So for a Studio Ghibli fan’s next big day, why not try and make one of these amazing Totoro cakes? Check out dozens of spectacular sweet treats featuring one of our favorite Japanese characters after the break.

In this day and age, it turns out you don’t have to go to a specialty cake maker (although some of them are from professionals) to get an awesome custom cake for someone’s birthday. These Totoro cakes are so darn cute that you might not be able to eat them. But let’s be honest: cake is cake, and cake is meant to be eaten!

▼ It may be my day, but I do not want to cut this!


▼ You can use this neat idea of having the basic cake shape be a tree stump with the other Totoros gathered around.


▼ Don’t forget about Cat Bus!



▼ Or perhaps you’d like something a bit more flowery?



▼ Another idea is to have the iconic camphor tree be part of the motif.




▼ If you’re good with colors, perhaps something like this might suit you better.


▼ Of course, adding some other famous Studio Ghibli characters to the Totoro themed cake is 100% acceptable. We’d never want to leave No Face, Ponyo or Chihiro out of the fun!

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▼ And, finally, for those who think a whole cake is too a little beyond their cake-baking skills, there is plenty of creative space on the top of cupcakes!


For those of you who have been inspired by these cakes, here’s a helpful hint from Instagram user CakeForEveryone, hazelnuts make great substitutes for acorns.

Source: BuzzFeed
Top Image: Instagram/cakesbyjadebutterfly