What do you like to put on your rice when you eat it? Do you go for Western-style with butter and salt, or maybe Japanese-style with an egg or some natto? How about flavoring your rice with… a burp?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Supposedly if you smell someone’s burp while you’re eating, you can flavor your own food with a dash of whatever they ate. This sounded just bizarre enough to be true, so we gave it a try here at RocketNews24 headquarters. We have the extremely appetizing videos to prove it, so prepare to watch and be amazed!

We were inspired to try this experiment by famous Japanese YouTuber Hikakin, who attempted the same thing in this video:

Here’s what we did: three of our Japanese writers ate a different rice topping (raw egg, natto, and fried egg), then downed a bunch of burping powder to get the juices flowing.

After that another Japanese writer came in with some white rice, had each of the original three burp in his face, and then eat some rice right away and try to guess what they ate. If their burp was flavorful enough, he should had no problem guessing correctly.

That’s science for you, ladies and gentlemen. Here’s the video of the entire ordeal with some highlights below:

▼ The first burp: raw egg. Look at our reporter Go on the left enjoying that egg-y aroma.


▼ Next up: natto. Yeah, that’s about the correct face you should have whenever you smell natto.


▼ And lastly: fried egg. Not sure if Go is enjoying this or about to keel over.


▼ And what was the final result? Did the burping really deliver the taste of the original food? The answer is….







Absolutely not. Even though it definitely made the rice-eating unpleasant, burping actually did almost nothing to change the flavor of the rice. In fact, the only flavor that rice-eating Go claimed to have gotten from the burping was something none of them ate: apple. Where did that come from you ask?

▼ From the apple-flavored burping powder. Hey, even the best experiments have a few technical oversights.


Despite the experiment’s failure, we still consider it a great success. It gave us a perfectly valid excuse to burp in other people’s faces while eating, and now you can do it too! Just say you read about this really amazing “lifehack” on a Japanese website, and let the hilarious dinner table burping commence.

Source: HikakinTV
Images: ©RocketNews24
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